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#65 Roger Taylor @ Sheffield Leadmill (March 21st 1999)

Roger Taylor @ Sheffield Leadmill March 21st 1999

Support: Treana Morris

Was supposed to go and see Roger the night before in Manchester as well but more arguments with the wife meant that I couldn't do it.....made sure I got to this one though. Great to see Roger again. Great gig as per usual especially the crowd pleasing finale of Radio Ga Ga. 

Wife left me ten days later on April 1st (yes April Fool’s Day). Sad at the time but music really did get me through that period. One of the only constants in my life has been the love of music. Memories, both pleasant and not so pleasant have all been sound tracked in some way. I know I’m not the only one that has ever said that or feels that way but when you go through hard times it’s amazing what gets you through. Every song lyric can sound like it was written about you. Ashamed to say that I remember saying to a friend that Phil Collins Against All Odds was about what I was going through. He tried not snigger but couldn’t help it. Apart from that my love of Queen and their music really did get me through.

Ticket: March 21st 1999

Ticket Price: £10.00

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