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#90 Rolling Stones @ Dublin Point Theatre (September 9th 2003)

Rolling Stones @ Dublin Point Theatre September 9th 2003

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Managed to get last minute tickets to see the Stones play in Dublin's main concert arena. After the highs of the Twickenham gig the month before I was thrilled to be able to get to see the band in an arena. The gig was great as would be expected and we even got to see Andrea Corr join the band for a duet on Wild Horses. However the tickets were for seats literally at the back of the arena and in those days the venue was not laid out particularly well. It has since been completely renovated, in fact basically rebuilt and is now a very efficient (if a little soulless) music arena. However back in 2003 the seats at the back really were poor and for a €100 a piece not at all cheap.

Despite all my moaning about the seat it was still a great gig if not as memorable for me as it should have been. If I had been standing it probably would have been one of the best moments of my I wasn't....well it wasn't.

Stand out moment was Keefs famous tour line "It's great to be's good to be anywhere".

If only I could see them in a club. One day.

Ticket: September 9th 2003

Ticket Price: €100

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