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#89 Rolling Stones @ London Twickenham Stadium (August 24th 2003)

Rolling Stones @ London Twickenham Stadium August 24th 2003

Support: Starsailor

Sooooo I had broken up with the girlfriend (Caoimhe) just over two months before this gig and as a result had a spare ticket. I offered it to a female work friend. She was a huge music fan and loved the Stones and was obviously delighted at the unexpected opportunity....not for long though. You see I wrongly presumed that myself and Caoimhe would not be talking to each other ever again. All previous relationships had ended on varying degrees of bad terms and I naturally thought that this one would to. Naturally right? Well I was wrong.

Caoimhe and I had been seeing each other for a couple of years and it was a serious relationship. Why did it end? Well none of your business to be honest; suffice to say that it just wasn't working out. Caoimhe wanted to remain friends which really surprised me at the time, this resulted in a few phone calls and texts and we gradually reconnected…..then the bombshell, Caoimhe wanted to still go to the Stones. Now the cynical out there may be thinking that she only kept on good terms so she could still go to the gig. Well I prefer to think that she still cared for me as I did her and didn’t want to lose all contact. So I agreed we should do it but purely as friends. This of course meant that I had to tell Sinead the bad news. She took it pretty well looking back, the cold shoulder for a few months was all I had to endure.... that and a cup of coffee over my shirt. Other than that though she was fine about it.

Strangely we had a great time in London. Spending a long weekend there and getting on better than ever before. Funny how it works really isn’t it? Maybe it was because the pressure was off, we knew that it didn't matter anymore, we just enjoyed the time together without any worries.

And the gig itself I hear you ask!?? Probably the best Stones gig I have been to. All their gigs are excellent of course, no such thing as bad one (see Springsteen, Bon Jovi etc for a similar theme) but tonight there was more. Maybe playing at home makes it more special for them I don't know, it probably does (It would for me although I don't think I'm ever going to put that theory to test). Opening with Brown Sugar, finishing with Jumpin' Jack Flash and a load of hits in between, it was superb. Tickets were £162 each (I splashed out on front section seats, yes it was all seating; the Stones fans get old as well you know) but it was worth it. I loved the show, the songs, the energy, the sheer enjoyment of it all. 

And Caoimhe? Well we broke up in the June yet only finally parted in the spring of the following year....a little drawn out….but on much happier terms.

Ticket: August 24th 2003

Ticket Price: £150.00

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