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#39 Rolling Stones @ London Wembley Stadium (July 15th 1995)

Rolling Stones @ London Wembley Stadium July 15th 1995

Support: Black Crowes

First of a double header. Right down to the front again in time for the Black Crowes (another good time rock n roll band). I had a love / hate relationship with the Black Crowes at the time. I thought they had wasted a lot of their potential after their great debut album. However in later years I came to appreciate their other material a lot more. 

The Stones were superb as always. The dragon fire at the beginning of the gig for Not Fade Away...will never be forgotten. They are a band that really pushed the stadium gig experience to higher levels. Levels which U2 and Bon Jovi managed to keep pace with in the years to come but for an all-round concert experience the Stones couldn't be topped.

Ticket: July 15th 1995

Ticket Price: £25.00

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