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#2 Rolling Stones @ London Wembley Stadium (July 4th 1990)

Rolling Stones @ London Wembley Stadium July 4th 1990

Support: Gun

First stadium gig....clashed with a very important football game unfortunately. Fabulous concert which took my mind right off the match....just about.

First experience of a large gig for me...the first of many. The Stones were and are a truly great live band who always give a great show. All the old clichés about how old they were came out from every journalist (or so it seemed). Looking back they must only have been in their 40's which is nothing.

The Stones set the bar in many ways for stadium shows. Queen probably showed them the way with their South American tours of the early 80's but the Stones took it to another level in 1989 / 1990 with the Steel Wheels / Urban Jungle tour. Everything changed after that.

Ticket: July 4th 1990

Ticket Price: £22.50

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