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#37 Rolling Stones @ Paris Hippodrome De Longchamp (June 30th 1995)

Rolling Stones @ Paris Hippodrome De Longchamp June 30th 1995

Support: Bon Jovi

The first of four Stones concerts myself and fellow Stones fan (and original gig partner Andy) attended over a period of a little over two weeks. For this particular gig in Paris we had persuaded my brother James to accompany us on the long coach trip from Nottingham in the UK over to Paris....and boy was it long. The lack of air conditioning on the coach really didn't help either.

The gig had the added attraction of having Bon Jovi as the support act. A pretty unique event in itself, but in France Bon Jovi have never been particularly successful. However little did we know that the feeling in Paris would be one of utter indifference towards them. A shame as just the week before we had seen the triumphant band take the Wembley Stadium stage for two nights and the These Days album knock Michael Jackson off the number 1 position of the album chart. No accounting for taste I suppose (see my explanation on music taste elsewhere!).

As a result of being early (so as to see Bon Jovi) we managed to get fairly near the front. We were feeling very proud of ourselves and the position in the crowd that we had attained. Unfortunately the guy in front of us started wobbling and obviously wasn't feeling great. He was a big guy (we are talking more John Candy than any basketball player) and after a while he crouched down and his GF or wife was talking to him. After a few minutes she helped him take his jeans down and he proceeded to have a shit right there in front of us. Trust me when I say that the heat that day did not help the situation and as we gradually edged away from the area we watched as she tried in vain to wipe his behind, only to smear it all over his fat white moon that was proudly displaying 'Chelsea Forever' tattooed on his right cheek.

I really felt embarrassed to be English.

The Stones? Excellent. Always excellent of course but on this occasion they were supporting a truly great album in The Voodoo Lounge and so it made for an even more memorable day.

Ticket Price: 250 Francs

Ticket Price: June 30th 1995

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