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#67 Rolling Stones @ Sheffield Don Valley Stadium 1999 (June 6th)

Rolling Stones @ Sheffield Don Valley Stadium 1999 June 6th

Support: Sheryl Crow

Fifth straight gig in Sheffield but at a fourth different venue. Weird looking back at things like that or maybe it's me just being a geek again. I had actually forgotten that I had seen Sheryl Crow supporting the Stones on this occasion. An artist I have always admired....and I'll be honest I fancied. I once told a girlfriend that she looked like Sheryl Crow...did the trick.

Anyway the main event of course was the Stones. This particular gig was postponed from August 1998 due to tax issues ( Whatever the right or wrongs of postponing the gig it was extremely frustrating to have to wait for so long. Having said that it gets boring to say it but they really are a fabulous band. Live they are practically untouchable. Springsteen and Bon Jovi are the only others that put so much energy into shows. This gig was the only one I got to see of theirs on the Bridges To Babylon Tour. Loved every minute of it obviously. During this tour they used a B Stage and played some more of the more obscure songs which during the Sheffield gig included the fabulous Route 66. Class.

Sheryl Crow joined the band on stage for a down right dirty version of Honkey Tonk Women. I loved her even more after that.

Don Valley was a nightmare to get out of. Stuck in the car park for hours after. Ah well.

Ticket: June 6th 1999

Ticket Price: £27.50

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