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#38 Rolling Stones @ Sheffield Don Valley Stadium (July 9th 1995)

Rolling Stones @ Sheffield Don Valley Stadium July 9th 1995

Support: Del Amitri

Another great Stones concert. Arrived just in time for Del Amitri who I had always liked (looking back now it really seems as though in the early years I saw most of the support bands sets whereas in later years I haven't bothered so much).

The thing about Stones gigs is that the average age of the fans is usually older than normal (kinda obvious I guess). The advantage with this though is that a lot of them sit down and have their sandwiches and cups of know really classy like ;-) This enables easy access to the very front. Too easy.

Simply superb again. Stones never, ever fail to entertain.

Ticket: July 9th 1995

Ticket Price: £25.00

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