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#31 SAS Band @ Gosport Festival Walpole Park (July 29th 1994)

SAS Band @ Gosport Festival Walpole Park July 29th 1994

Line Up: SAS Band (Spike's All Stars) inc Chris Thompson / Cozy Powell / Jamie Moses / Kiki Dee / Neil Murray / Paul Young / Spike Edney / Tony Hadley etc

Second day of a great weekend and a great festival. Billed as Spike's Party Night and Guests this was in fact the very first outing of The SAS Band which was and still is a loose collection of musicians. Led by Spike Edney the band played an assortment of songs just for the hell of it. Random vocalists like Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet, Paul Young, Kiki Dee and Chris Thompson all sang a few songs.

Great entertainment...highly recommended (

Ticket: July 29th 1994

Ticket Price: £11.00

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