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#74 SAS Band @ London Ocean Club (November 24th 2001)

SAS Band @ London Ocean Club November 24th 2001

Support: Maybe / The Champions

Over 400 days since my previous gig. I had never had such a gap between concerts before (and haven't since). The reason? Moving country.

It was during early 2001 that I moved over to be with my then girlfriend (Fiona) and it had severely curtailed my gig going. However a few things happened:

1) I split up with Fiona

2) The one thing that could get me back to concert land was an anniversary of a hero

Freddie Mercury had died in 1991 of AIDS related illnesses. The Queen Fan Club and the SAS Band had organised a tenth anniversary concert to remember the great man. There was no question of me missing this one. And thankfully I didn't as both Brian May and Roger Taylor were there to help remember Freddie. One of the weirdest moments of my life was seeing Bruce Dickinson sing I Want To Break Free....class.

Ticket: November 24th 2001

Ticket Price: £16.50

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