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#69 SAS Band @ Queen Convention Prestatyn Pontins Holiday Camp (May 6th 2000)

SAS Band @ Queen Convention  Prestatyn Pontins Holiday Camp May 6th 2000

Support: N/A

First gig of the new millennium was at another Queen Fan Club event. Again the SAS Band who at this stage consisted of three members of The Cross (led by Spike Edney). Indeed at the previous gig in September they were billed as The Almost Cross. Highly entertaining as per usual of course. The fantastic Mark Shaw proving what a great front man he was by blasting out Queen songs like Tie Your Mother Down and Hammer To Fall amongst many others.

I remember vividly asking for Spike's autograph after the gig and getting Peter and Clayton to sign my treasured Cross T-shirt. The grumpy fucker wasn't going to until he reluctantly did. I guess I really shouldn't have bothered him. I mean he is sooo famous......He is a top guy and has done great work over the years and has been a big supporter to I mustn't grumble.....

Ticket: May 6th 2000

Ticket Price: Ticket price included in the overall Convention cost

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