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#219 Slash @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (March 3rd 2013)

Support: Treatment

It is 978 days since I last saw Slash. June 29th 2010. That gig was special for me as it was the gig that the idea for this whole project started developing. As I said that was 978 days ago. Admittedly the book is taking longer than expected. It will be finished though…eventually.

While I have drank a lot of Guinness (as my expanding waistline can testify), gone to a lot of gigs (as my credit card can testify) I have also procrastinated quite magnificently for those 978 days, Slash on the other hand has gone from strength to strength. Releasing a critically and commercially successful second solo album (Apocalyptic Love) in 2012 he has toured endlessly…if you do a job you love then why wouldn’t you.

Slash - Dublin Olympia Theatre March 3rd 2013

The first duty tonight was to meet up with some Twitter friends. This turned out to be a nervous experience as you are a certain persona online and you don’t want to disappoint in real life. I needn’t have worried though as Dewi and Anita were great fun and didn’t mind chatting with two old blokes (myself and concert buddy tonight, Nigel). Actually I didn’t tell Nigel about meeting up with the two girls. Thought he would worry too much. The fact that they were two young women probably wouldn’t have relaxed him anymore. To be fair I gave him about twenty minutes notice and so he had plenty of time to check his hair six or seven times and neck three or four pints for Dutch courage (I made an in joke is me).

So what of the gig? Well you know it is going to be a good one when the Olympia is rammed full early on. We wandered in just after 8 while support band Treatment were on stage and the atmosphere really was electric. It is nights like this which really give you a good buzz and you remember why you love live music so much. After one more Guinness, we managed to get a decent place in the crowd although probably not as close as I would have liked (having said that, after having one or two more Guinness than I should have had, I reckon I wasn't up to moshing to my normal standard anyway).

So Slash is in Dublin and he starts to think what would be the best way to start the show? I know lets get Charlie Sheen to introduce us. As you do. The gig blitzed by with a mixture of solo stuff and Gun’s (all seven GNR songs played tonight are from Appetite) not to mention Velvet Revolver's finest moment, Slither. Yes the biggest cheers are for the classic Gun’s songs but that isn’t to say the solo songs didn’t go down well to. After two strong solo albums those tracks stand loud and proud next to their older siblings and on songs such as Halo, Ghost, Back From Cali, Starlight and Anastasia, Myles Kennedy shows what a great rock voice he has. Bass player Todd Kerns sings a couple tonight as well including the first song of the encore Welcome To The Jungle with Myles back for Paradise City (one of the best songs written in the history of the universe ever).

Only gripe tonight was the shirt prices. I thought €30 was pushing it and so passed on getting one…although I did (for only the second time ever) purchase an ‘unofficial’ T-Shirt outside. Hey it was a tenner and although it probably won’t survive more than one wash it looks pretty good. While outside we waited next to the side entrance for Slash to come out. Well actually we waited for ten minutes then gave up as there was a big crowd waiting and we thought there would be no way we would get a picture with him or get anything signed. Instead we decided to go for another pint. Guttingly we missed him by a few minutes. How do I know?  Dewi and Anita saw him come out and apparently he posed for pictures and signed everyone’s stuff. What an idiot I am.

Deciding to do the whole second album with Myles Kennedy was a good move and it showed tonight as whereas before it was definitely just Slash and guests, now there is a definite greater band feeling. It helps when you have a singer with such a strong rock voice but as Charlie said in his introduction “you are not here to see me, you are here to see the greatest guitarist in the history of sound” and I reckon 99% of people here tonight were not disappointed.

Ticket: March 3rd 2013

Ticket Price: €44.05

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