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#176 Slash @ Dublin Vicar Street (June 29th 2010)

Slash - Dublin Vicar Street June 29th 2010

Support: Glyder

This is the gig that got the ball rolling for the site and book. This is the gig that I finally realised that I was in the wrong line of business. This is the gig that I went to the night before a potentially important interview. This is the gig that is partly responsible for me not getting the job…well that and the fact that I was useless. You see idea for the book first arose while waiting for the interview at 9am. Nothing strange there maybe except of course that I should have been concentrating on the job and not idly dreaming about writing a book.

The reason it came to mind was because just six hours previously I had been finishing my last pint of Guinness after seeing Slash live in Dublin at a great venue called Vicar Street. As I sat there in reception I started to wonder where my career was going. The interview I was to have was for a job I didn't want, so why bother? What I really needed to do was write a book about my concert experiences. After all, over twenty years of gig going has brought up many stories and people might find them interesting. Yes, believe it or not, this did all go through my mind....I'll be honest I may not have been thinking entirely straight. It may have had something to do with the alcohol sweats that gradually dripped down my face, or the smell of Guinness barely hidden by the extra, double thick, strong mints I was crushing between my teeth, or my face that was progressively turning a brighter and brighter shade of crimson. 

The night before Slash had been fantastic. A very simplistic way to describe what was a great gig. Awesome as my American friends would say. Singing lead vocals on the tour is Alter Bridge guitarist, Myles Kennedy. Myles has a great rock voice and this tour is certainly not going to do him or his band any harm. It is noticeable how he and Slash work well together bringing back memories of previous vocalists that Slash has shared a stage with (they shall remain nameless…). Making up the rest of the band were guitarist Bobby Schneck as well as bassist Tommy Kerns and on drums Brent Fitz.

Tonight my concert cohort was fellow Gun’s nut, Nigel. Now it must be said that we had managed to have a few pints before the show and as a result we were both in great form. We decided to stand towards the rear of the venue as Nigel’s back was giving him a bit of jib (rock and roll people) but Vicar Street is such a great venue that it is hard to get a bad view in there. The atmosphere was crackling along nicely when the band took to the stage and the cheers roared out when the main man himself wandered on.

The album that this tour is promoting is the Slash debut solo record. I say solo but that is misleading as the album is very much a collaborative effort with many guest vocalists. Favourite of the lot is Ian Astbury singing opening track Ghost. It is this song that opens proceedings tonight and although Kennedy doesn’t have Astbury’s vocal presence on the song it is still a nice way to start the show. The set list was made up of songs off the new record as well as a few Velvet Revolver and Slash’s Snakepit tracks…not forgetting some songs by that little known group Guns n’ Roses.

Favourites of the night? Well it would be silly of me to say that it wasn’t the Guns songs that we were waiting for. Nightrain, Civil War, Rocket Queen, Sweet Child and closing song (and the reason I love GNR), Paradise City. However don’t be fooled into thinking the other songs were a let-down, far from it. New songs Back From Cali and the previously mentioned Ghost were excellent not forgetting the cracking early Slash Snakepit track Beggars and Hangers On and Fall To Pieces and Slither by Velvet Revolver. All were outstanding tonight.

Guitar solos are not usually my thing (strange considering just about every band I love always does them) but as Slash was the reason we were here tonight it was fitting that his solo including the Godfather Theme was spot on and warmly received and it did lead into Sweet Child Of Mine which helped...

The one down side to the show was that Myles struggled at times due to flu and as a result we got a slightly shorter set missing out Starlight, Rise Today and By The Sword (I know that because they which were shown on the on-stage set list) but he possesses a great rock voice and battled through gamely with large help at times from the more than willing crowd…but the biggest regret of the evening was not sticking around in the venue bar afterwards as apparently Slash made an appearance, instead we went to the oldest pub in Dublin, The Brazen Head, where the Guinness flowed until the early hours and thoughts of the interview the next day barely crossed my mind.

Ticket: June 29th 2010

Ticket Price: €42.20

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