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#123 Snow Patrol @ Dublin Marlay Park (August 19th 2006)

Snow Patrol @ Dublin Marlay Park August 19th 2006

Support: Futureheads / Republic Of Loose

Marlay Park is not a great venue for gigs. I've seen some excellent bands there and it always leaves me thinking that they would be better at another venue. It’s not that it’s particularly terrible, just a little soulless.

Tonight myself and concert buddy, Pat didn't get to see either of the support acts. A shame as I think The Republic Of Loose are a good band with a pretty unique sound. Thing is, if I remember rightly, we had been out the night before and so we left it a little later than normal to go down to the gig. As well as that my knee was playing up as I had injured it playing football that week.

Although not one of favourite bands, Snow Patrol have a lot of good songs. Yes they aren't cool or fashionable and, although I sound like an old man out of touch with the youngsters, they will never be trendy. In spite of this though they know their audience and I was genuinely surprised by how much I liked the gig. Songs like Run, Chasing Cars and Chocolate may not be everyone's cup of tea but for me they did the job tonight. Favourite song of the night though was the wonderful Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking.

A solid, feel good gig and there isn't anything wrong with that.

Ticket: August 19th 2006

Ticket Price: €44.50

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