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#113 Stereophonics @ Dublin Point Theatre (September 3rd 2005)

Stereophonics @ Dublin Point Theatre September 3rd 2005

Support: Dead 60's

A top gig from the Welsh band who were enjoying a golden period at this time. Riding high with the classic Dakota the band were on top form on album Language. Sex. Violence. Other. Tonight turned into a celebration by the Irish fans for the great year the band had enjoyed.

The new songs sat effortlessly alongside old favourites Local Boy in a Photograph, Thousand Trees and The Bartender and the Thief. This really was a cracking gig proving again what a great rock band The Stereophonics are.

Encoring with TrafficJust Looking and Dakota was a superb way to end the show. The latter song proving that the band has more up their sleeve than simple rock and roll (no bad thing in itself of course).

The Stereophonics are another band that never, ever, let you down.

Ticket: September 3rd 2005

Ticket Price: €43.50

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