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#79 Stereophonics @ Slane Castle (August 24th 2002)

Stereophonics @ Slane Castle August 24th 2002

Support: The Charlatans / Nickleback / Counting Crows / The Doves / Ocean Colour Scene 

I had appreciated the Stereophonics music for years and when I heard they would be headlining Slane I started to ask around my friends for fellow would be fans. Not many takers at the time until my girlfriend said she would go. Trouble was that Slane Castle is miles away from Dublin which meant that car-less Caoimhe and Dado would have to either get a bus out there or rely on someone else to provide transport. 'Luckily' a group of her friends decided to go as well. Unfortunately I was now going to be the odd one out as myself, Caoimhe and four of her female friends all managed to squeeze into one of their cars and off we went. Now to be honest I had always had a little bit of a love hate relationship with some of her friends. I remember being in a club with Caoimhe and her bumping into a guy who had being given Caoimhe's number by one of her friends...and this after we had been together for over a year. Nice eh?!  Understandably I was annoyed.

The friend that was driving to Slane was ok, I had always got on reasonably well with her, however that relationship was going to be tested when towards the end of the gig, as the band went off before the encore, she said the dreaded words...

"Let's leave now so we can miss all the traffic"

Arrggghhhh....this is truly one of my pet hates. Whether at a gig or sporting event I hate the leaving early to miss traffic / crowds crap. Why go if you are going to miss part of the reason why you went in the first place. At a sporting event leaving five minutes early can mean missing vital moments (for a great example of this Google "George Best Man Utd 1999 leaving early") and at a gig the encore is usually the bit with some of the band's best or at least most well-known songs. Why oh why leave early?!! Of course the person wanting to leave was the person providing the lift. AWKWARD! Well you know what I can be pretty stubborn when I want to be and I said that I would stay and would make my own way home, I would get a bus back or something. This didn't go down well!! They ended up staying to the end...if I remember rightly two encores later (!!) ending with a cover of 'Don't Let Me Down' but the journey home was long and painful. Myself and Caoimhe broke up less than a year later, it may or may not have had something to do with this day!

Anyway the gig itself was outstanding, but Slane Castle is a big, big venue. One of the most picturesque I have ever been to however because of its layout it is better to be up close rather than further away. On this occasion we were right near the back (not through any choice of mine but I was outvoted 5 to 1 by the females) and so I ended up watching the screens most of the day. I do remember The Counting Crows and Nickleback being good and the headliners being excellent. My view of attending concerts with women took another knock after this was to eventually improve though.

Ticket: August 24th 2002

Ticket Price: €49.50

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