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#243 Struts @ London Dingwalls (October 21st 2014)

Support: Black Foxxes

In a live music venue that was apparently born in the same year I was (1973) I felt more at home than I should have considering I was surrounded by an audience not much older than some of my recent farts. I admit I was a little unsure on what to expect. I have got out of the habit of going to many gigs by bands whose back catalogues I don't know inside out. Also it had been three months since my previous venture out to the world of live music  and maybe just maybe I had began to forget the thrill of live music. I needed my fix and at £8 for a ticket to see the Struts, at the famous Dingwalls, I couldn't say no. 

Struts - London Dingwalls October 21st 2014

As soon as lead singer Luke Spiller walks on stage he oozes star quality. He knows how to fill the small stage here and I have no doubts that the big stage would hold little fear.  Seemingly learning  his trade from the Mercury / Jagger school of front men I was blown away by Spiller's arrogance, confidence and damn right star quality. From first to last this is a singer and a band here to entertain.

With only one album and an EP to their name it could be difficult to find the right balance for a set list. It helps that their debut album (Everybody Wants) is a rock classic in the making. Every song is worthy of it's place, there is no it is they play the album pretty much in order plus adding in the excellent Matter of Time from the Kiss This EP. There are many highlights but the cover of Get It On is stunning with Spiller wandering into the 500 strong crowd getting us all to crouch down whilst he stood above us.

There are few lead singers that have the rock swagger these days (or maybe I am getting old and think no one can come close to Mercury, Jagger and the rest) but I can see it in Spiller. This isn't a one man band though with guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliott and drummer Gethin Davies making up the rest of this highly talented band. It's early days of course, who knows they may break up in a haze of drugs and women, I hope not though because what I saw tonight tells me that they have a long journey ahead of them.

Ticket: October 21st 2014

icket Price: £8.00

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