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#110 U2 @ Dublin Croke Park (June 25th 2005)

U2 @ Dublin Croke Park June 25th 2005

Support: Paddy Casey

Only my second time seeing U2 (should have been so many more times but always seemed to be bad timing). My brothers were over from the UK for a few days and I had a spare ticket for the concert. Nick didn't want to go which meant I dragged my eldest brother, James, along. I have said previously that he isn't a massive music fan these days but even he had a good time....although he did seem to be more interested in having drinks later!

The gig of course was superb. Paddy Casey who I have always been a fan of, opened the show. He is a great singer songwriter but to be honest he was a little lost on the big stage. Not the best environment for him really, much better suited to smaller theatres and clubs. Highly recommended but just not staring out at Croke Park.

U2 were touring the How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb album at the time headed up by the fabulous Vertigo. As a result there could be only one way to start the show. As the song reverberated around Croke Park the entire crowd sang back every word. U2 were home again.

A great set list from a band that always makes sure to balance new songs and old. Seven new songs were played off the new album. Not many bands at this stage in their career are so productive. The Stones, for example, generally play the hits and maybe one or two new songs....but U2 stay relevant. Trust me I am a huge Stones fan and go to see them on every tour but you know you aren't going to get them playing seven new tracks. Having said all that I still want to hear all the classics from U2 as well, I mean come on I'm not silly! They just seem to get the mix right.

As always U2 give a great show and around a third of the way through the set the lights kick in for City Of Blinding Lights and you can really see what a great stage they have. The encore from the Zoo Station era is magnificent and as Zoo Station itself, The Fly and Mysterious Ways are played the feeling in the stadium is uplifting. A second encore is done and how to end the show? Why not play Vertigo again! Starting and finishing with the same song doesn't happen often and if you are a new band it shows a lack of songs but when done by old pros like U2 it somehow seems special. The crowd loved it and the whole stadium was jumping.


Ticket: June 25th 2005

Ticket Price: €59.50

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