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#54 U2 @ Leeds Roundhay Park (August 28th 1997)

U2 @ Leeds Roundhay Park August 28th 1997

Support: Cast

First and only time at Roundhay Park and was impressed with it. Found it easy to get in and out of which isn't always the case with outdoor venues. I remember plenty of times being stuck in traffic for hours outside Wembley Stadium, Knebworth Park and more.

First time seeing U2 and I wasn't disappointed. The Pop album may not have been their most well-loved but the Popmart tour was excellent and I got to see the famous Lemon. Featuring a Karaoke version of Singing In The Rain (!) this was a top set list and gig including my all-time favourite All I Want Is You. Encoring with Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Mysterious Ways, the sublime One and a cover of the Beatles song Rain was a great way to finish.

A band that is often maligned and greatly underrated musically. Their music and achievements outweigh most and Bono especially is never afraid to put his head about the parapet even though he knows he will get shot down by many.

True Irish gentlemen who know how to entertain their fans.

Ticket: August 28th 1997

Ticket Price: ¬£28.50

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