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#112 Weezer @ Dublin Point Theatre (August 24th 2005)

Weezer @ Dublin Point Theatre August 24th 2005

Support: Turn

Didn't know a lot of Weezer's material before this gig but luckily went with a mate who was a big fan. He burnt 15 of their songs for me and I listened to it on loop for a full week before. Glad I did as it meant I knew a lot of the songs played. Looking back now I can't believe I was so unfamiliar with great songs like My Name Is JonasHash PipeBeverly HillsIsland in the Sun and not forgetting Buddy Holly.

Memorable events on this night:

- Buddy Holly was fantastic live. So much better than on record

Island in the Sun was the first song of the encore and was played acoustically at the back of the crowd by Rivers Cuomo. When the song started it took a while for everyone in the crowd to realise where the music was coming from

- Went to Doyle's pub in Dublin afterwards. We met two drunk and I got the number of one of the girls. My friend didn't as he said she had more teeth than any horse he had ever seen....harsh

- The arena wasn't full tonight but that wasn't particularly surprising as Weezer aren't as big over in Ireland and the UK as they are in the USA. It would have been better if the gig had been in a smaller venue. Having said that it was still a great gig from a great band and I will definitely see them again

Ticket: August 24th 2005

Ticket Price: €38.50

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