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#55 Wet Wet Wet @ Birmingham NEC Arena 1997 (September 8th 1997)

Wet Wet Wet @ Birmingham NEC Arena 1997 September 8th 1997

Support: My Life Story

I actually always liked Wet Wet Wet which I suppose kills any street cred that I may have had (then again I did already go to a Cher gig). Took my girlfriend along and got my first taste of the annoying girl at a concert syndrome. She went to the toilets at least three times during the gig and she wanted me to go with her every time....unbelievable.

If we had being standing then I may have understood but we had seats on the ground level. It surely wasn't that difficult to go to the toilets and find her way back again.

The relationship didn't last long...long enough to get married though....and divorced soon after.

Gig was good if a little too slick for my liking. Marti Pellow has a good voice suited to the music they make. Enjoyed the concert and would see them again in the future…I’ll go with someone else next time though.

Ticket: September 8th 1997

Ticket Price: £23.50

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