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#134 Who @ Dublin Marlay Park (June 29th 2007)

#134 Who @ Dublin Marlay Park  (June 29th 2007)

Support: Supergrass

Missed Supergrass tonight as the support act because we were in the pub up the road and the people I was with didn't want to see them. Bit annoying really.

What really, really annoys me about gigs at Marlay Park is that a lot of people go who have no real interest in the band. They might know one or two songs (in this case they were songs from a TV show) but that's it. Instead they spend most of the gig at the bar and then try to push their way to the front during the encore for the few songs that they have a vague familiarity with. I mean seriously If you go to a concert at least have the decency to look at the stage and listen to the music. Idiots.

Anyway this was my one and only time of seeing The Who. Hope to see them again many times in the future. What a voice, what a guitarist. Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend is all that remains of course but they are still worth seeing and still put on a good show. Indeed they are older than the Aerosmith lads who I saw a few days prior to this and yet they managed to play an extra eight songs. Favourite songs are the usual ones I guess but they are truly great songs. The list seems endless, I Can't Explain, Who Are You, Baba O'Reilly, My Generation, Won't Get Fooled Again, Pinball Wizzard, See me Feel Me….fabulous stuff. Interestingly the newer songs played were also excellent especially Real Good Looking Boy and the gentle closer tonight Tea and Theatre.

Great band with a great history. Come back soon lads.

Ticket: June 29th 2007 / Bus Ticket

Ticket Price: €69.50

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