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#86 Witnness Festival @ Punchestown Racecourse (July 12th 2003)

Witnness Festival @ Punchestown Racecourse July 12th 2003

Line Up: Coldplay / Damien Rice / Supergrass / Sugababes / The Thrills / Appleton / Complete Stone Roses

Memories from this festival weekend are as follows:

  1. Camped for the first time. Came back to my tent after the first night. Random bloke was asleep in it. Swore I would never camp again.
  2. Went with a friend and his girlfriend, similar taste in music which helps. Got on great.
  3. Met up with a girl I had just started seeing (Caoimhe and I had broken up at this point)...she was drugged off her tits. Rang me during Coldplay to come and collect her and take her back to my tent as she had lost her friends. Idiot that I am I did what she asked. Missed the end of the set. Never happened before and has never happened since....and never will.
  4. Saw an amazing set from an Irish band called The Thrills. They were the new next big. Turned out they weren't.
  5. Saw the Appleton sisters. Might have been good but the sound failed so they flashed the crowd. Won us over to be fair.
  6. Supergrass were excellent, Sugababes were interesting, Damien Rice was good but lost a bit on the main stage. Coldplay were excellent...what I saw of them.

Ticket: July 12th 2003

Ticket Price: €130.50 (Weekend Camping Ticket)

Set Lists: