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#87 Witnness Festival @ Punchestown Racecourse (July 13th 2003)

Witnness Festival @ Punchestown Racecourse July 13th 2003

Line Up: David Gray / Flaming Lips / Frames / The Cardigans / Kings Of Leon

Memories from this festival weekend are as follows:

  1. Avoided the girl who I had started seeing. That relationship didn't last long. Saying she would have sex with me but would have to be drunk first didn't help!
  2. Saw one of my favourite artists, David Gray headline. Some idiot threw a plastic bottle on stage at him. It hit his hand while playing the guitar. He stopped but instead of coming over all Axl Rose he laughed and said something like "Bastards, I can't say anything though as I used to do that!" Class.
  3. White Stripes were supposed to be playing but Jack White had injured his hand. Flaming Lips played Seven Nation Army as a tribute. Class.
  4. Saw The Cardigans, fancied Nina Persson. Class.
  5. Saw some band called The Kings of Leon in one of the smaller marquees. Pretty empty. Myself and Matt loved them. Not sure what became of them. Class.

Ticket: July 13th 2003

Ticket Price: €130.50 (Weekend Camping Ticket)

Set Lists: