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#77 Witnness Festival @ Ratoath Fairyhouse Racecourse (July 13th 2002)

Witnness Festival @ Ratoath Fairyhouse Racecourse July 13th 2002

Line Up: Prodigy / Foo Fighters / Green Day / Frames / David Kitt etc

I know I was there and I definitely remember seeing the fantastic Green Day (including their usual party trick of getting fans on stage to play the instruments). I also remember seeing the classic Irish band The Frames (an amazing band who are a must see) and also another Irish artist; David Kitt, who was a first for me. But other than that? I definitely see much of The Foo Fighters who were second on the bill I think and I don't think I saw much of The Prodigy on this occasion....pretty sure I didn't see any of the Chemical Brothers either. Hmm...memories fade so quickly...

I was there with Caoimhe who by this time was my regular fellow concert goer. She just so happened to live in Ratoath which made these festivals absolutely perfect. Highlight of the day was definitely Green Day. I do remember temporarily losing a shoe in the traditional festival mud. I quickly learned that festival clothes shouldn't include your best shoes.

Ticket: July 13th

Ticket Price: €109.50 (Weekend Ticket)

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