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#250 Wonder Stuff @ London O2 Academy 2 Islington (December 17th 2014)

Wonder Stuff at London O2 Academy 2 Islington December 17th 2014  O2 Academy Box Office

Wonder Stuff at London O2 Academy 2 Islington December 17th 2014

O2 Academy Box Office

Support: Mark Morriss

I'm ashamed to say this was my first time seeing the Wonder Stuff...only the 28 years behind the times then..pretty standard for me. I first knew of them when they released Hup all the way back in the days that time forgot. After many line-up changes the one constant is of course still there...he may divide opinion but Miles Hunt is a great front man and he was in top form tonight.

First up though was Mark Morriss (ex of the Bluetones). An excellent addition to the evening and a funny fucker as it turns out. On this evidence his solo stuff is definitely worth checking out...and we got to hear the best version of East 17's Stay Another Day ever (not hard I know but trust me it was brilliant).

Tonight the Wonder Stuff were playing acoustically at the hot and sweaty O2 Academy 2 in Islington. A good little venue although there is a lack of beer choice (expensive shit and even more expensive shit), an overworked cloakroom attendant (bless her) and it got a bit cramped however both the sound and atmosphere were good. Acoustic nights usually allow for stories to be told and although we got a few tonight I got the feeling that Miles wasn't in the mood...probably something to do with the noisy bastards behind me. Why people come to a gig, especially an acoustic one, and talk all the way through I will never know. Anyway Miles told them, in his own frank way, what he thought.

Miles was joined by (the stunning) Erica Nockalls on violin and new guitarist Dan Donnelly (not so stunning) who played a varying array of instruments from banjo to harmonica (best played the right way up it seems). There were excellent versions of Welcome To The Cheap SeatsDisco KingDon't Let Me Down,GentlySize of a Cow and many more (I admit I can't remember them all) but it is last song Ten Trenches Deep that shows why violinist Nockalls was a perfect addition to the band all those years ago.

So a great way to spend my 250th gig, reliving my youth Wonder Stuff style, some 24 years, 354 days since my first concert on December 28th 1989. An 'Average Joe' amount maybe but back in 1989 I was 16, full of innocence, a gig virgin...and an actual virgin. Now I may be older, fatter in the waist line, have less hair and generally be a grumpy old man but I'm no longer a virgin (despite the dress sense) and I love live music more than ever...and I see no sign of that letting up.

Ticket: December 17th 2014

Ticket Price: £15.00

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