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#184 Gemma Hayes @ Dublin Howth Summit Inn (November 12th 2010)

Support: Ciara Stone / With: Ann Scott

An intimate gig in what can only be described as an old Irish country nightclub. Do you know the type? It’s where they serve beer out of cans and give you a plastic cup to drink it. In fairness the pub that the said night club was attached to was quite nice. Aptly named, The Summit Inn overlooks the beautiful seaside village of Howth. Admittedly as we walked in to 

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#183 Marina and the Diamonds @ Dublin Vicar Street (October 27th 2010)

Support: Unknown

Ok so I went to a Marina And The Diamonds show. In truth this wouldn't normally be a concert I would bother with but the Mrs took me along with her. I had to go really as to be fair I have dragged her to many gigs that she had no interest in. She enjoyed most of them but some she had no idea what was going on (she has learnt lots about rock bands over the years – the 

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#182 Paul Heaton @ Dublin Academy (October 6th 2010)

Support: Gavin Glass

Mr Heaton again; the first time in two years for me; the venue was Dublin’s intimate Academy (‘Intimate’ = small). It wasn’t full tonight but there was a healthy attendance to see Paul, an artist who writes some of the funniest, most poignant, political and damn right catchiest songs you could hope to hear. It’s just a shame that more people don’t appreciate him.

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#181 Bangles @ Dublin Vicar Street (October 4th 2010)

Support: Talulah Does the Hula

So for the second time in two years off I ventured down to Vicar Street (again dragging the Mrs…what a trouper she is) to see my childhood crush Susanna Hoffs and fellow Bangles, sisters Debbi and Vicki Peterson. This time we were seated up on the balcony overlooking the stage…not a bad view but as always standing is generally the better option, however my 6 foot 

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#179 Arthur's Day (Part 1) @ Dublin St. James Gate (Guinness) (September 23rd 2010)

Line Up: Snow Patrol / Special Guests: Maud In Cahoots

Part 1 - Storehouse

Many had thought that Arthur’s Day would be a one off to celebrate the 250 year anniversary of Guinness in 2009 but Diageo was not going to miss a great marketing opportunity…and why the hell not when good music and booze was involved.

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#178 Guns N Roses @ Dublin O2 Arena (September 1st 2010)

Support: Danko Jones

I love Guns n Roses. Always have and always will….except of course nowadays what counts for Guns is not really Guns. I’m sure that if you are a rock fan then you don’t need telling that these days GNR consist of Axl and a bunch of hired hands; a very talented group of hired hands admittedly, but hired hands nonetheless.

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#177 Paddy Casey @ Maynooth Mantra (July 4th 2010)

Support: N/A

This marked the start of a great week for me. The start of a two week holiday; the sun was shining; the beer was flowing….oh and I was also getting married. Yep in just a few days’ time I will become someone’s husband. Not just ‘someone’s’ of course, but my girlfriend of four years, the lovely Lorraine. This gig was just two days before all our relatives started arriving for the big 

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#176 Slash @ Dublin Vicar Street (June 29th 2010)

Support: Glyder

This is the gig that got the ball rolling for the site and book. This is the gig that I finally realised that I was in the wrong line of business. This is the gig that I went to the night before a potentially important interview. This is the gig that is partly responsible for me not getting the job…well that and the fact that I was useless. You see idea for the book first arose while waiting 

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#175 Gemma Hayes @ Dublin Dundrum Mill Theatre (January 30th 2010)

Support: Ann Scott

A few things about this gig:

- It’s January. I never go to gigs in January. Seriously without looking back at the previous gigs I remember very few that took place in what can only be described as a hellish month. The month where very little happens due to overspending and over drinking in December; the 

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