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#205 Duran Duran @ Dublin O2 Arena (December 2011)

Support: Royseven

I was lucky enough to be given free tickets for the gig enabling me to relive my youth (again). I have always wanted to see Duran Duran and it seemed the perfect way to start the Christmas week…getting the tickets free from my sister-in-law (who works in media and often gets the odd freebie) always helps of course. We couldn’t be choosey on seats (seeing as 

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#204 SAS Band @ London Clapham Grand (November 25th 2011)

Line Up: SAS Band / Brian May / Chris Thompson / Kerry Ellis / Madeline Bell / Patti Russo / Tony Vincent / FABBA Girls

It was time again for another Queen Fan Club event, the occasion was a big one of course…remembering Freddie Mercury's passing twenty years ago. I remember hearing of his death early on the Monday morning on breakfast news as I was on my way to school. Shocked 

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#203 Sisters Of Mercy @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (November 11th 2011)

Support: Mojo Fury

I'll start this review by mentioning that this was my first time seeing the Sisters Of Mercy. I say that because going to a gig of a band that you aren't that familiar with can be quite daunting anyway but that is especially true when:

 - The band in question has so many hard core fans

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#202 Red Hot Chilli Peppers @ Dublin O2 Arena (November 4th 2011)

Support: Fool’s Gold

So back again at the O2 Arena, this time for a change of pace with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Tonight was my third time seeing the band but for some reason the first for 9 years. Interestingly each time seeing them has been at a different sized venue and with a different guitarist. First up was the Manchester Apollo in 1995 with Dave Navarro on strings (supported 

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#201 George Michael @ Dublin O2 Arena (November 3rd 2011)

Support: N/A / With: Symphonica Orchestra

This was my first time seeing George Michael live since the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert back in 1992. On the day, he was the best by some distance. No one else got anywhere near Freddie’s vocal range and to hear George sing Somebody To Love is still one of my favourite gig moments. As a result of his performance that day I had always wanted to see one 

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#200 James @ Nottingham Royal Concert Hall (October 27th 2011)

Support: N/A / With: Orchestra Of The Swan / Manchester Consort Choir / Joe Duddell

It would be an understatement to say that I was looking forward to this gig. I always look forward to seeing James play of course, but this tour sounded something extra special. The band would be playing with the ‘Manchester Consort Choir' and ‘Orchestra Of The Swan’ conducted by Joe Duddell. VIP Tickets were duly bought.

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#199 Ash @ Dublin Academy (October 18th 2011)

Line Up: The Futures

Ash played at The Academy on Tuesday night as part of their short winter tour. They are joined by former guitarist, Charlotte Hatherley for the gigs which are celebrating the release of the new Ash Best Of disc as well as the tenth anniversary of the Free All Angels album.

First up were support act, The Futures. Having heard good reports I made sure to drag my 

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#198 Lir / David Gray / Pugwash @ Dublin Vicar Street (September 24th 2011)

Line Up: LiR / David Gray / Pugwash 

Labelled ‘With A Little Help From Our Friends’, tonight's gig was a benefit concert for the band LiR. They are in need of financial help to fight a court case taken by their former manager over a US tour in 1995 ( has taken many years for it to come to the 

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#197 Arthur's Day @ Dublin Brazen Head (September 22nd 2011)

Line Up: Paolo Nutini / The Minutes 

Third Arthur's Day for me. A celebration of all things Guinness. Yes maybe it is great marketing from Diageo but the thing is, they do it so well. They have managed for three years to combine great music with their own brand and national treasure. I admit it helps that two of my favourite things are music and a pint of the black stuff and combining the two means I'm in 

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#196 Kaiser Chiefs @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (August 23rd 2011)

Support: Royseven

My second time seeing the Kaiser Chiefs, this time in my favourite venue; Dublin's Olympia Theatre. At present it seems that pop has taken over the world once again and whereas before a new release from one of Indie's finest would be hugely anticipated, now that’s not necessarily the case. Even the mighty Kings of Leon have suffered a bit of a backlash 

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#195 Roger Daltrey @ Dublin Marlay Park (July 26th 2011)

Support: Paul Freeman

I only managed to see the Who once and due to Pete Townshend's hearing difficulties am not expecting another tour (Roger Daltrey has said in the press that Pete is "almost stone deaf" and so won't be able to tour any time soon) and so I was delighted when I managed to get tickets for Roger's solo show in Dublin

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#194 Take That @ Amsterdam Arena (July 18th 2011)

Support: Pet Shop Boys

My second Take That concert....there are not many men that can say that...this time of course Robbie Williams was back to remake the band a five-some (thankfully the Danish lobster didn't attack again). For many this was a good thing...for many others a bad thing. So...which camp are you in? Kind of weird that I would care being a man who loves Queen, Bon Jovi,

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#193 Bon Jovi @ Dublin RDS Arena (June 30th 2011)

Support: Vintage Trouble / Fallen Drakes

The second night of two from Bon Jovi in Dublin's RDS Arena.

Listening to some people you would think that Bon Jovi stopped making records around 1995, however a total of five studio albums in the last decade lends support to the "Hardest Working Band" tag. Of course it's live that they really excel and as mentioned in yesterday's review, one 

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#192 Bon Jovi @ Dublin RDS Arena (June 29th 2011)

Support: Vintage Trouble / The Riptide Movement 

First night of a double header at Dublin's RDS Arena and yet another great show from the mighty Bon Jovi. There really is very little left to be said about the New Jersey band. A band that in 2013 will celebrate thirty years in the business (and if you have ever seen interviews with Jon Bon Jovi then you will know that it is very much a business). For me the reason they 

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#191 Cult @ Dublin Academy (June 14th 2011)

Support: The Minutes

The Cult have gone through various musical directions over the years from their early post punk days to the more mainstream rock material. Labels aside when it comes down to it they are just a really good rock band and have been for nearly thirty years. That's not to say that they have churned out the same old stuff for all that time. Not at all. A band capable of 

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#190 Gemma Hayes @ Dublin Tower Records (June 2nd 2011)

Support: N/A / With: Ann Scott

Tower Records in Dublin is an independent record store (as of 2003). A dying breed across Ireland which unfortunately mirrors the international trend. Tower is the best store in Dublin.....hands down. There are a few other good independent stores but Tower has it all. From the great record selection (especially vinyl which happily has made a comeback in the 

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#189 Gemma Hayes @ Dublin Button Factory (May 27th 2011)

Support: Ann Scott

If you live outside of Ireland then you may not be familiar with Gemma Hayes. Well all I can say is that you are missing out! She is an Irish singer songwriter who this year has been in the music business ten years. 2001 saw the release of her debut EP:4.35amand after gigging intermittently around Ireland over the past few years has just released fourth album Let It Break

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#188 Suede @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (May 24th 2011)

Support: Sweet Jane

This was my first time seeing Suede in years and tonight was the start of a run of three nights at the Olympia Theatre. I seem to be taking up residency myself at the Olympia as it's a venue that I have visited more than any other and luckily it has never gotten dull. The staff are truly welcoming and to see Maureen's Bar with all the pictures on the wall is a must for any 

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#187 Manic Street Preachers @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (May 16th 2011)

Support: The Joy Formidable

Another cracking gig from The Manics. From opener Stay Beautiful to the closing Design For Life they created a great atmosphere at the always welcoming Olympia Theatre in Dublin.  With arguably the best three songs played from their latest album (Postcards From A Young Man) plus a large selection of their biggest hits the evening really did fly by. The crowd was in 

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#186 Beady Eye @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (April 14th 2011)

Support: Cheap Freaks

The house was rocking for the first visit of Liam Gallagher's new band Beady Eye. Admittedly they are Oasis without Noel (Oasis lite maybe) but tonight they still proved more than capable. Indeed the atmosphere was pretty fantastic, one of the best I have ever experienced in Dublin's Olympia Theatre (which is in my top three favourite venues) and to 

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