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#217 Gemma Hayes @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (December 9th 2012)

Support: Joe Chester / With:The Discovery Gospel Choir

I’d seen Gemma seven times in seven years in seven different venues all around Dublin before tonight, an assortment of places ranging from the cool (Tripod) to the not so cool (Howth Summit Inn) to the damn right odd (Dundrum Mill Theatre). This though was by far the largest show and accompanied by a full band this was to be a little different from the usual

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#216 Madness @ Dublin O2 Arena (November 28th 2012)

Support: Man Like Me

This was my first time seeing Madness since 2008 when they were quite superb in the now sadly departed Tripod venue in Dublin. Has much changed since then? Well yes actually. In that time they have lost bass player Mark Bedford (although he still pops up now and again with the band…on the Buckingham Palace roof and the Olympics Closing Ceremony to name two) 

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#215 Marina and the Diamonds @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (November 20th 2012)

Support: Gavin James

Ok I admit I wasn’t in the mood for this one. Nothing against Ms Marina Lambrini Diamandis but I was not in the best form as I had misplaced an important part of my gig going kit…my converse. My beautiful, comfortable converse which have been my concert footwear of choice for years. Admittedly they smell a little bit at this stage but hey they look good. In their 

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#214 Ryan Bingham @ Dublin Whelan's (November 9th 2012)

Support: Leaders Of Men

Ryan Bingham? I’ll admit that if you are not familiar with country then you may not be acquainted with Mr Bingham. I'm not a country music fan in particular. I don't dislike it but it just never appealed that much and Ryan is the only country artist that I actually listen to. That may be because the lines between country and rock have blurred so much that I’m not sure at times

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#213 Arthur's Day @ Dublin Brazen Head (September 27th 2012)

Line Up: Jerry Fish And The Skeleton Crew

This was the fourth Arthur’s Day and for the third time off I went to the Brazen Head (Ireland's oldest pub don’t you know, dating back to 1198). Arthur’s Day seems to have divided much of Ireland. If you were bothered you could listen to all the naysayers. You know the type, those who believe Arthur’s Day is just a corporate scam by a British company to make more 

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#212 Robbie Williams @ Dublin O2 Arena (September 14th 2012)

Support: N/A

So begins the start of Robbie’s 'pop star' comeback trail…

Would we now get to see the real Robbie Williams? You remember him, the confident showman. I know it’s hard to recall that guy. You may only be able to think of the insecure singer, full of self-doubt, making awkward appearances on X-Factor, singing songs he didn’t 

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#211 Bruce Springsteen @ Dublin RDS Arena (July 18th 2012)

Support: N/A

Yep you really do run out of superlatives to describe Bruce Springsteen and his live shows. For the second of two nights I took the Mrs down to the RDS to witness another display of full on energy from a band that just keeps playing and playing and playing. For a group that is largely made up of 60+ year old men it really is quite phenomenal that they have such energy, enthusiasm and sheer brilliance when on stage. On Monday night my father-in-law had asked why on earth we were going twice to see the same gig. The same gig! No 

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#208 Guns N Roses @ Dublin O2 Arena (May 17th 2012)

Support: Thin Lizzy / Vengeance & The Panther Queen

"As you may have heard I had a little accident. I'm learning what I can and can't do. I hope you don't mind me moving less than usual, although I'm probably moving a whole lot more than I was the last time I was here…" Axl (17/05/12 - Dublin)

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#207 Camden Crawl Dublin @ Dublin Various Venues (May 12th 2012)

Line Up: Ghostpoet / Rhob Cunningham / Inni-K / Venues: Whelan's / Cassidy's

“The Camden Crawl Dublin is the first ever sibling of its namesake Camden Crawl in London”.

With over 100 acts (cutting edge live acts said the promo) spread out over 15 venues across Dublin the Camden Crawl (Dublin style) promised to be a unique event. The Crawl originated in Camden, London where it has been running since 1995 and 

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#206 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds @ Dublin O2 Arena (February 17th 2012)

Support: Cashier No. 9

It is fair to say that if you mentioned to the young Noel Gallagher in 1991 that in twenty years he would be going on tour, on his own, playing arenas, backed by two choirs and a brass section, he definitely would have coughed and spluttered into his pint of ‘Dutch Gold’. Actually he probably would have punched you, as I can’t imagine that to the twenty four year old Noel that would have sounded like a cool thing to do.

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