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#285 Adam Ant @ London Roundhouse (December 18th 2016)

Support: UK Feds

The recent Top of the Pops repeats on BBC 4 have made me hungry for all things early 1980s...and there is no one that sums up that period better than Adam Ant. 35 years ago he was the man that everyone wanted to see, then in the fickle world of '80s music no one seemed to care. Thankfully, judging by the huge successes of recent tours, he is back with a bang. 

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#283 Rews @ London 229 (Venue 2) (November 25th 2016)

Support: Goldbirds / Mohawk Radio

I won't lie...I got these tickets for free. I'd never heard of any of the groups playing...yet this was three up and coming bands, a venue I had never been to before and a Friday night. Why the hell not? First up were Manchester based band, Mohawk Radio. Lead singer Mia Page (from Bermuda no less) is the focal point with a powerful rock voice and excellent stage presence...

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#282 Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul @ London Indigo at the O2 (October 29th 2016)

Support: The Marcus King Band

Little Steven (or Stevie Van Zandt to his friends)  announced his first gig in 27 years a month ago. Tickets bought. Queue queued. Position found. You may or may not know much of Stevie's solo output. To say he has been round the block in music terms is an understatement. The E Street Band, Southside Johnny, Gary U.S Bonds and of course his solo work...also lets not forget this guy

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#279 Izzy Bizu @ London Koko (September 14th 2016)

Support: Jay Prince / Lily Oakes

First time at Camden's Koko for me. We were here to see singer Izzy Bizu. The gig, originally set to take place in June, is a showcase for her debut album (A Moment of Madness) released a few weeks ago.

Koko is a grand old building, old style yet quirky as hell. Magnificent. Tonight it was packed and was buzzing with life from the off with an excellent support set from Jay Prince

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#277 Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott @ Thetford Forest (July 2nd 2016)

Support: Stornoway / The Devlin Brothers

You never know what a gig will be like. Will the artist be on form? Will they be up for it? Hell will they even turn up? Some shows though are home bankers. Never in doubt. 100% nailed on going to be good. Paul Heaton gigs always fall into this category. This was my first 'forest gig' so it helps when you go with seasoned...

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#276 Dan Reed Network @ London 100 Club (June 15th 2016)

Support: The King Lot

In December 1989 I took my first tentative steps into the world of live music. Not playing of course, I could never play an instrument, and nor could I sing. However as a 16 year old novice (in everything) I very quickly became bitten by the gig going bug. As I ventured to see Bon Jovi at the NEC Arena that December evening I had no idea what lay ahead.

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#275 Bruce Springsteen @ London Wembley Stadium (June 5th 2016)

Support: N/A

We knew the drill. Get there early. Queue up. Get in the pit. See Bruce. Then profess your undying love for the man to all that will listen. All good. Seemed straightforward enough. Usually works. Alas complacency and the size of the venue led us to not get in the pit this time. Gutting...but despite this we were only a few back from the pit barrier and centre stage. It would have to do.

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#274 James @ Birmingham Barclaycard Arena (May 20th 2016)

Support: Jack Savoretti

I love this band. I love that they were formed all the way back in 1982 and hired some guy called Tim to be a dancer. I love that said dancer became the lead singer. I love that they appear to be more creative now than ever before. I love that they have just had a number two studio album (only beaten to the top spot by Adele) and I love

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#271 James @ London HMV Oxford Street (March 18th 2016)

Support: N/A

Record signings can be awkward affairs. Excited fans queuing for ages* for that chance to meet their heroes. In return the artist in question sits down, pen in hand, looking tired, bored and a little fed up at trying to be nice to all their 'Number One Fans'. Fans who own every record they have ever released and who met their partner at a gig of theirs back in 1982...

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