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#229 James @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (August 23rd 2013)

Support: Anderson

Six years on from breaking my James cherry in this very venu, I shelled out for my second James VIP experience. Normal price tickets were set at €24.40 which is quite astonishing value for a band together thirty years and with such a back catalogue. Admittedly the VIP tickets were €73.00 but for the extra €48.60 we got to see the soundcheck (Play DeadWhat's The World and Monsters), ask questions (Nope I chickened out), get an exclusive gift (Ok it was only a notebook with a James logo on…but still), get a VIP souvenir laminate (it has 

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#222 Dexys @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (May 2nd 2013)

Support: N/A

‘Restricted View’ said the tickets…a phrase that can send shivers down the spine of any seasoned concert goer but as this was my 27th visit to the best venue in town I had a fair idea that seeing the show wouldn’t be a problem. Sure enough, as we took our seat two rows from the back (I booked late before you ask), we were indeed behind a column but, just as I thought, 

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#220 Stereophonics @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (March 9th 2013)

Support: Gareth Dunlop

The Stereophonics have this week released their first album in four years. Not a particularly long gap for a band now in their third decade but it is something of a departure for the group previously stuck on a two year album / tour schedule since their 1997 debut. In truth they needed to take a break, as after a creative high in 2005 with Language. Sex. Violence. 

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#219 Slash @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (March 3rd 2013)

Support: Treatment

It is 978 days since I last saw Slash. June 29th 2010. That gig was special for me as it was the gig that the idea for this whole project started developing. As I said that was 978 days ago. Admittedly the book is taking longer than expected. It will be finished though…eventually.

While I have drank a lot of Guinness (as my expanding waistline can testify), gone to a lot of 

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#217 Gemma Hayes @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (December 9th 2012)

Support: Joe Chester / With:The Discovery Gospel Choir

I’d seen Gemma seven times in seven years in seven different venues all around Dublin before tonight, an assortment of places ranging from the cool (Tripod) to the not so cool (Howth Summit Inn) to the damn right odd (Dundrum Mill Theatre). This though was by far the largest show and accompanied by a full band this was to be a little different from the usual

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#215 Marina and the Diamonds @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (November 20th 2012)

Support: Gavin James

Ok I admit I wasn’t in the mood for this one. Nothing against Ms Marina Lambrini Diamandis but I was not in the best form as I had misplaced an important part of my gig going kit…my converse. My beautiful, comfortable converse which have been my concert footwear of choice for years. Admittedly they smell a little bit at this stage but hey they look good. In their 

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#203 Sisters Of Mercy @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (November 11th 2011)

Support: Mojo Fury

I'll start this review by mentioning that this was my first time seeing the Sisters Of Mercy. I say that because going to a gig of a band that you aren't that familiar with can be quite daunting anyway but that is especially true when:

 - The band in question has so many hard core fans

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#196 Kaiser Chiefs @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (August 23rd 2011)

Support: Royseven

My second time seeing the Kaiser Chiefs, this time in my favourite venue; Dublin's Olympia Theatre. At present it seems that pop has taken over the world once again and whereas before a new release from one of Indie's finest would be hugely anticipated, now that’s not necessarily the case. Even the mighty Kings of Leon have suffered a bit of a backlash 

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#188 Suede @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (May 24th 2011)

Support: Sweet Jane

This was my first time seeing Suede in years and tonight was the start of a run of three nights at the Olympia Theatre. I seem to be taking up residency myself at the Olympia as it's a venue that I have visited more than any other and luckily it has never gotten dull. The staff are truly welcoming and to see Maureen's Bar with all the pictures on the wall is a must for any 

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#187 Manic Street Preachers @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (May 16th 2011)

Support: The Joy Formidable

Another cracking gig from The Manics. From opener Stay Beautiful to the closing Design For Life they created a great atmosphere at the always welcoming Olympia Theatre in Dublin.  With arguably the best three songs played from their latest album (Postcards From A Young Man) plus a large selection of their biggest hits the evening really did fly by. The crowd was in 

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#186 Beady Eye @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (April 14th 2011)

Support: Cheap Freaks

The house was rocking for the first visit of Liam Gallagher's new band Beady Eye. Admittedly they are Oasis without Noel (Oasis lite maybe) but tonight they still proved more than capable. Indeed the atmosphere was pretty fantastic, one of the best I have ever experienced in Dublin's Olympia Theatre (which is in my top three favourite venues) and to 

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#168 Faith No More @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (August 27th 2009)

Support: Adebisi Shank

Some gigs are a let-down because the artist in question doesn’t play what you wanted to hear, some are a let-down because the artist doesn’t play long enough, others are a let-down because they are simply crap. Then there are those that disappoint because although they are ok you expected so much more. Faith No More fell into this latter category tonight.

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#159 Manic Street Preachers @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (June 4th 2009)

Support: In Case Of Fire

The playing of full albums live has always been something I have had mixed views on. I have never been convinced that they work in truth. They can be a little gimmicky. A way to sell tickets I guess. Album gigs can be a strange as the pacing and track order of an album does not necessarily mean the pacing of those songs in that order for a concert will be suitable. It can 

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#147 Cathy Davey @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (June 20th 2008)

Support: Unknown

Irish singer / songwriter Cathy Davey played one of her biggest gigs to date at Dublin's Olympia Theatre and it was a great show.

I have been a fan of Cathy Davey's since her first album Something Ilk in 2004. She has come a long way since then as tonight showed. She started the set slightly nervously as maybe the 

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#135 R.E.M. @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (June 30th 2007)

Support: David Kitt

The day started badly with the girlfriend vomiting all over McDonald's toilets due to the previous night's excesses. To be fair she says it was food poisoning...yer right like the extra few bottles of beer before The Who concert had nothing to do with it? In fairness she probably did get a dodgy beer as the pub we were in wasn’t the cleanest to say the least.

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#131 James @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (April 17th 2007)

Support: The Twang

I had always wanted to see James. Unfortunately I only really started to listen to their stuff (other than Sit Down) around 1999 and the Millionaires album. Two years later they had decided to split up and so I thought my chance had gone. Luckily for me (and the legions of James fans) the band decided to reunite in 2006. Would they get on ok? Would they gel? Well 

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#124 Raconteurs @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (August 21st 2006)

Support: Unknown

Never got to see The White Stripes live unfortunately but the excellent Raconteurs fronted by Jack White and Brendan Benson were a great substitute. Jack would hate me saying that...'substitute'. They are a completely different band of course and produced an outstanding debut album in 2006 which myself and concert buddies Pat and Sinead had on continuous loop at the time. 

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