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#215 Marina and the Diamonds @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (November 20th 2012)

Support: Gavin James

Ok I admit I wasn’t in the mood for this one. Nothing against Ms Marina Lambrini Diamandis but I was not in the best form as I had misplaced an important part of my gig going kit…my converse. My beautiful, comfortable converse which have been my concert footwear of choice for years. Admittedly they smell a little bit at this stage but hey they look good. In their 

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#183 Marina and the Diamonds @ Dublin Vicar Street (October 27th 2010)

Support: Unknown

Ok so I went to a Marina And The Diamonds show. In truth this wouldn't normally be a concert I would bother with but the Mrs took me along with her. I had to go really as to be fair I have dragged her to many gigs that she had no interest in. She enjoyed most of them but some she had no idea what was going on (she has learnt lots about rock bands over the years – the 

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