Random Thoughts From The Pit

Another Record Store Day Blog

So I guess you haven’t seen enough blogs about Record Store Day 2019 yet?

Just like every other year, RSD means an early start. Depending on where you live, your local store may have multiple copies of those special (and not so special) releases or just the odd one or two. Either way, it is always best to get there early…and with plenty of money in the pocket.

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P.I.W.? What the Hell is that I hear you say. Well let me tell you...

A particular annoyance at gigs are those utter wankers, those utter pricks, those absolute toss bags, that think it is ok to push their way through to the front of a queue to get into a venue. Once in they then proceed to push through the crowds to try to get to the very front, knocking anybody that is in their way. Arseholes…or (P)ush (I)n (W)ankers.

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Living The Dream...Charity Shop Style

I started volunteering a few weeks ago. I wanted to do something good. Wanted to give something back. You know what I am talking about, right? Do a good deed and hope somehow, somewhere, somebody passes it on. I had the urge at the beginning of last year to do more. I began to give blood regularly and now it is the norm. 

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Cancelled due to Unforeseen Circumstances...

'Unfortunately the gig has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances'...who are you kidding...we know the drill...ticket sales have been poor. 'Unforeseen circumstances' my arse. A catch all phrase that means both artist and venue save face. Sometimes though, on occasion, there are genuine reasons for cancelling gigs. Everything from physical injury to missed planes to partners giving birth to...well...death.

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