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25 Years Of Gigs...Then and Now...

Bon Jovi - Birmingham NEC Arena December 28th 1989

On December 28th 1989 I took my first tentative steps in the world of live music. I don't mean I was actually onstage playing an instrument or singing a song (trust me you would not want to hear that)…instead I attended my first live gig…the mighty Bon Jovi at Birmingham’s NEC Arena.

Last week I attended my 250th gig. This time the Wonder Stuff in London’s O2 Academy Islington. An average of ten gigs a year; not bad, not great. To some a huge amount, to others a bit run of the mill. To some an obsessive. To others not obsessive enough.

250 gigs. 25 years. Has much changed?

Then and Now…

1989: 16 year novice at first gig. Somehow finding myself right at the front of the crowd. Wearing a ski jacket. Sweating my bollocks off

2014: Now 41. 250th gig. Mid crowd. Jacket checked into the Cloakroom. Body aching

Wonder Stuff - London O2 Academy 2 Islington Dec 17th 2014

1989: At gig with mate. Arrive 3 hours early

2014: At gig with wife. Arrive 3 minutes early

1989: Surrounded by beautiful young girls, who were wearing next to nothing, screaming at Jon Bon Jovi

2014: Surrounded by not so beautiful middle aged blokes, who were wearing varying 80’s band t shirts, shouting at Miles Hunt

1989: I try and reach out and touch Jon Bon Jovi

2014: Nod head to Miles Hunt

Bon Jovi - Birmingham NEC Arena December  28th 1989 Programme

1989: No alcohol. Too young to drink. Slim

2014: Beer in hand. Experienced drinker. Beer gut

1989: Buy concert programme and shirt. The parents are footing the bill so what the hell

2014: Ignore merchandise stall and grumble at the expense of it all

1989: Full head of hair

2014: Bald

1989: After gig I talk excitedly with my mate and listen to what he thought

2014: After gig I post opinion and pics to own web site, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Ignore what the wife thought


1989: Realise I love live music

2014: Yep I still love live music

Some things change but my love of live music is very much alive. I go to more gigs now than ever before. I look forward to seeing how things differ in 2039...I reckon I will be deaf but making my way to gig 700...ish...


by Dado Rock
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