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A Love Letter To...Denim Jackets


I need to profess my love. In fact I was truly, madly, deeply head over heels in love at the young tender age of 18. Gradually, over the years, that love diminished but not because I had fallen out of love but because society told me that I had to change. As time has passed, the urge to declare my love again has been nagging away at me more and more, each day getting stronger and stronger…well I am now ready to shout it from the roof tops….who’s with me…..here we go…you can’t stop me…I Love Denim Jackets...there I said it...

Some people call me old fashioned, some call me a loser, others call me a nerd, a geek, stuck in the 80’s, some even call me a member of the ‘Les Battersby’ fan club…Status Quo gets mentioned frequently. I get it alright. You don’t like them. But I do...and at one time or another Slash, Mick Jagger, Jon Bon Jovi, Springsteen and, well, any member of any rock group from the last three decades has liked them.

Look I’m never going to go the whole way and wear all denim, nor will I ever be like Tobias and be a member of the ‘Never Nude’ gang going round wearing cut off denim shorts…trust me you have nothing to worry about there. However I miss wearing the jackets and I want to be able to slip one on and feel the comfortable denim against my arms, I just want to feel that again and not care what anyone thinks.

I had quite a few denim jackets at any one time between the ages of 18 and 23ish. In fact I always had at least two. My favourite was a charcoal grey jacket. Loved that. It went so well with my Use Your Illusion shirt hanging loose underneath (I wore that combo nonstop for a few years). These days I tend to wear clothes that I don’t even like. Admittedly that has something to do with me spending all my money on records so I have very little left to spend on good clothes….underwear is good for a few years isn’t it?

ACDC Denim Jacket.gif

Of course as you read this you may not understand what I am talking about. You may like a good denim jacket yourself. You may have friends that do as well. Unfortunately in my world they seem to be quite forcibly frowned upon. It doesn’t help that my wife hates them with a passion. She took a straw poll of her family a few weeks ago and they all agreed that they despised them to. Should I listen to them though? Most of them don’t understand my love of music, live gigs and collecting records so why should I listen to their opinion on clothing?

Luckily Twitter makes sure I have contact with folks who share my passions, many of my Twitter friends have mentioned their appreciation of a DJ (in my world DJ is the abbreviation for Denim not Dinner Jacket). I like these people. They go to lots of gigs, they collect music, they stalk rock stars (some more successfully than others) and they also don’t give a rats ass what people think. These are my people.

I honestly don’t see what the issue is with denim jackets. I love em. Admittedly Springsteen went a little crazy during his Born In The USA ‘Denim Vest’ period (see below) but hell he can get away with anything. I also must stress that at no stage will I ever wear a denim jacket bare chested…unless that is I find the six pack hiding away inside me. Again there is no need to worry on that score. David Beckham may be able to get away with it but few others can. 

Bruce Springsteen.jpg

There is also the side issue of whether you decorate your jacket with patches [1] or leave it clean…young kids and old blokes seem to be the ones who love the patches. That is a step too far for me. If I started decorating my jacket with AC/DC, Bon Jovi and Guns n' Roses patches then I will have to grow the hair long, drink endless pints of cider and start rolling my own smokes. I won’t be doing any of those things so my jacket will remain clean.

I should point out that I don’t currently own a denim jacket. When I met my now wife 7 years ago I definitely remember having one however it mysteriously disappeared not long after. I used to smoke back then as well. Have given up nearly six years now. I also used to be extremely unhealthy whereas I now run three times a week. At least I can say she never changed me though.

So where does all this leave us? Well I am fast approaching my 40th birthday and maybe, just maybe, this need for a denim jacket is all part of some mild midlife crisis. Well so what if it is? It could be worse. I could buy a sports car, although I couldn’t afford it; I could buy leather trousers, yet I would sweat like a bastard; or I could get myself a 21 year old girlfriend, better not as a) I would be shot by my wife and b) I am unlikely to be on many such girls radars. So no I will be doing none of those things, instead be happy for me to have my one 'guilty pleasure'; let me look for, buy, own and wear a nice denim jacket...because whether you like it or not I will be getting one soon.

You have been warned.


[1]Every Record mentioned the ‘patches’ topic in an excellent blog from last year:


by Dado Rock
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