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An afternoon with Jonathan Ross...

Jonathan Ross  (Image: Metro)

Jonathan Ross (Image: Metro)

I am a bit of a live performance addict. I love going to gigs (obviously) but also plays at the theatre...hell I even like musicals. I also once saw a live sex show but to be honest the musical was far sexier...which may say a lot about the quality of the sex show or maybe quite a bit more about me.

I will go and see most things live and living in London these last two years the opportunities presented are many. There is so much on our door step including venues of all sizes and even recording studios for music, radio and TV.

I love seeing shows recorded. It's a sneak behind the curtain. In the past, when living in Dublin, I saw rehearsals for the main Irish talk show, 'The Late Late Show', where a certain Brian May and Roger Taylor rehearsed We Will Rock You three times. I was very much a child in a sweet shop. 

On Wednesday of this week myself and Mrs Rock were lucky enough to see an extra long 'Jonathan Ross Show'. The show is filmed at the ITV London Studios on the city's Southbank. The audience is surprisingly big (over 500) and after queuing for an hour I had some initial annoyance at not being given the correct seats...we had priority tickets but were put in the section with the 'normal' people...stupid 'normal people'. The view turned out to be fine though and after settling my 'grumpy old man' mumblings I forgot about the mix up..until now. 'Normal people'..how dare they.

Burt Reynolds  (Image :  Express and Star)

Burt Reynolds (Image: Express and Star)

As always on his chat show Ross has a diverse range of guests. It is always fascinating and this week's line up was no different. First up was 79 year old Burt Reynolds. I remember him well from the 'Smokey' films (I have great memories of a young Sally Field). Seeing him here launch himself off Jonathan's sofa on to the floor to show of his stunt skills had a few hearts in the mouths. He survived but by the look of a few faces not everyone was sure he would. Also on the show was comedy hero, Simon Pegg, who tried to pretend that he prefers Star Trek to Star Wars..we all know the truth Pegg. British actress Michela Coel told us about sex clubs before Chris Martin was interviewed prior to Coldplay performing live.

Coldplay get slated by many but yet remain one of the biggest bands on the planet. They also remain whole heartedly down to earth and Chris Martin is an exceptional lead singer and a very funny man. The band played two songs for the show including new single Adventure of a Lifetime and the festive Christmas Lights (to be shown on Boxing Day). During the former track Martin came in to the crowd very, very close to us (I could have grabbed his arse if I wanted...I did think about it however memories of that sex show came back so I decided not to). Actually there is better than zero chance that myself and Mrs Rock may be on the telebox. She isn't happy about this as I had reassured her beforehand that the audience was never shown. 

Coldplay  (Image: diymag)

Coldplay (Image: diymag)

As its turns out they had to play both tracks twice, the first due to Martin's shirt being too sweaty (I know that pain) and the second because he messed up the start (although no one noticed). For both takes of Lights Simon Pegg joined in on violin (I mean why wouldn't he). While all this was going on Ross smoked his cigar while waving to his Mother in the audience who had come to see Burt Reynolds (and not her son).

There was an added bonus of an extra interview with Lewis Hamilton who had one of his dogs with him. A few dog farts later and after four hours of recording the show was over. 

To apply for tickets to see Jonathan Ross and many other TV shows go to the SRO Audiences web site. Tickets are all free.


by Dado Rock
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