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Forty, Five-A-Side, Torn Tendons And Missing Roger Taylor...Again

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I turned 40 last week. No big deal really is it? Of course whether you think it is or not depends on how old you are yourself. When I was twenty, forty seemed old…very old. Now it really doesn’t. In fact I feel much younger than forty, especially mentally. Whether that is a good thing depends on who you ask. My mother would say I need to grow up and start having a family. My friends, most of whom have two kids each, say much the same thing. I often get asked why I still go to so many gigs and isn't it time that Dado and Mrs Rock started having a family. Well enough of the questions people, I got gigs to go to.

Been asked such things can get to a man after a while and so even as an, approaching [1], middle aged fellah, I want to rebel against such thinking. There are many ways of trying to cling on to your youth and in my case I joined my new works five-a-side football team. I know right. ‘Five-a-side at forty’ is a phrase that should be banned from any man’s vocabulary. The thing is I moved job when I moved to London. I now work in IT for a University (did I ever tell you that?) and as much as it can bore at times it does pay the bills. At least it will do until I finally finish my book. When I do complete it (coming soon…eventually) this is what will happen: Wait until I get it published in the UK; wait until it becomes a hit; wait until it gets published in other countries; wait until it becomes a bigger hit; wait until it gets turned in to a film; wait until John Cusack agrees to star in it; wait until it becomes a huge hit; wait until they do a sequel. At that point I will probably think about quitting the University but until then I guess I had better not give up the day job.

I had big plans for my fortieth. No party or anything. I just wanted to get shit faced all day....and see one of my heroes, Roger Taylor, in concert. Nothing wrong with that for a man turning 40 is there? As it happens though I am yet to have an alcoholic drink in December. The reason is, as I pointed out earlier, ‘five-a-side at forty’ is a phrase and an actual thing that should be banned. Unfortunately I played the dreaded sport a few weeks ago and managed to tear my Achilles tendon. As a result I have my leg in plaster and have been hobbling round on crutches since. The sympathy hasn’t been forthcoming from too many people it must be said. Of course if I had done it while running across the road, cycling or some other mundane way then it would have been classed as unlucky. Not so the ‘five-a-side at forty’. I just got called an idiot. To be fair they had a point.

In truth I have quite enjoyed resting up. With the move of country it has been a hectic few months and so I am viewing the opportunity to rest both body and mind as a positive. The one big downside though was being forced to miss Mr Taylor and not for the first time. As many of you will know he was / is the drummer from Queen. He is also a solo artist in his own right and there was a big reunion concert of his former band, The Cross. The first time they had played together in 20 years in fact and so it was a pretty big deal for a Queen nerd like myself. Realising that I was going to have to miss the gig was gut wrenching and my fellow nerd, Mark, had to go it alone. Seeing all the photos, videos and comments online in the days after the gig probably didn’t help my mental health. I can only hope that Rog gets the live buzz again and goes on tour next year. Actually as I write this rumours of Brian and Roger touring again together with Adam Lambert have surfaced…could be an expensive year so.

I have been lucky enough to miss only a handful of gigs over my 24 years of concert going. One was cancelled due to poor ticket sales (The Bad Shepherds), one because of logistical concerns (!) (Ting Tings), one I couldn’t go to because of a controlling wife[2] (Roger Taylor...again) and one was cancelled because the artist died (Jacko). Nothing you can do about that last one. It was a shame with the other three. Missing Roger Taylor in 1999 was the biggest disappointment and little was I to know that 14 years later I would have to miss another one of his gigs. In 1999 though I did manage to see him on that tour but missing the Manchester gig was purely down to my ex wife. She also stopped me going to the Queen convention that same year. She felt I was not involving her enough yet I took her to a Brian May gig the year before and she hated it. To be fair she did leave me later in 1999 so normality returned and I have never been told I couldn't go to a gig since. No such controlling from the present Mrs Rock. She has been dragged to many a gig (usually without complaint) and shows no sign of changing. Rock on.

Anyway Roger. I will be waiting for an announcement of a tour of some sort in 2014 whether it is with The Cross, Adam Lambert, Paul Rodgers or Kermit The Frog. I will be off my crutches by then. No way will I miss you for a third time...or is that tempting fate?

It probably is...but screw fate.


[1]I'm not there yet...am I?

[2]My first one, not the current...and permanent...Mrs Rock

by Dado Rock
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