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What’s Mine Is Mine And You Can’t Borrow It

Subtitle: 'My Anality Knows No Bounds'

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I have a large amount of CD’s, DVDs, Blu Ray’s and Vinyl. Well actually my vinyl collection is small at the moment, not surprising since I sold the whole lot back in 2000 for some much needed money. I regret the vinyl purging hugely though and in recent years I have been trying to build it back up again. Will I get my collection back to the glory days? I doubt it unfortunately.

I love my collection of music and film. In fact I am very protective of it and rarely let anyone touch it…even the wife is a little scared of playing a CD as she is afraid she will put it back in the wrong place. It’s not too bad now that I have burnt every record I have on to MP3 as she is happier using the computer, she knows she can’t go too far wrong….yes folks my own wife thinks that of me. She knows I am an anal geek who likes everything to have its place and a place to be had for everything…

Ok so I have a large collection of records and films not to mention the wonderful TV Box Sets (what a great invention they were). The X-Files and Battlestar Galactica were my favourite although Breaking Bad and The Sopranos have come very close. I love those TV shows but I also love owning them. I love the fact that I have them to keep and yes they look dammed good on my shelves…my mother would disagree.

I have a little bit of a ‘what’s mine is mine and you can’t borrow it’ attitude with just about everything. It dates back I think to when I was 11 or 12 and I leant another boy in my class a computer game (it was a Spectrum game, they were on tape in those days. I think this particular game was called 'Phoenix' but I'm not completely sure). When he eventually gave me it back it wouldn’t work. In fact it never worked again. Did he break it? Did he swap for his own? I never did find out, but yes Tony Maltas I still haven’t forgotten that you owe me a new game. Bastard.

Since then I have been anal about my possessions and I am certainly careful of lending anything to anybody.

Here’s a few of my rules in case you even dare dream of asking me to borrow something:

- If it’s a CD then…I’ll burn it to MP3 and send them the files. Job done

- If it’s a DVD then…it depends who it is and how reliable they seem but generally the answer is no. If I happen to say yes then it must be understood that I will be asking for it back within a few days

- If it’s a Vinyl record then…well don’t be an idiot; that will never leave my house. Come round and listen to it with me…if you must

- If it’s a Book then….nope not going to happen as most are on hard back and again look good on my shelves. Why not lend them if I have read them? Look I don’t want them torn, marked or come back with coffee stains on the cover...I refer you to my anality mentioned earlier

- If it’s a Computer Game then…Tony Maltas damaged me for life. I never went back to computer games again…well there was the Tomb Raider phase but that was understandable

I must admit that the opposite of all this is true as well. I hate borrowing anything. The material aspect of a record, or a DVD, or a book, or, well, anything is what I like. Yes I am that shallow. For example I NEED to possess every Queen record; I have no interest in borrowing one from a friend if he happens to have one I don’t have. It seems pointless to me. I must have it for myself. You can give it to me by all means but you will never, ever, get it back.

So what of the future?

- The downloadable music and films from Netflix and iTunes

- The streaming of music on Spotify

- The reading of eBooks

- The illegal downloading of everything

Trust me when I say I am not looking forward to a time when there are no physical items to collect...it won't be long I guess, although vinyl looks like sticking around now it has had its second coming and so maybe, just maybe, I will finally get chance to rebuild my vinyl collection after all.


by Dado Rock
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